This series was ultimately born from a desire to work smaller while still creating art that makes an impact on those who view it. It started as an experiment in creating soothing pieces of art that center on the interplay between texture and color. Like fingerprints, each piece is one of a kind. Though small, these pieces stand out due to the vibrance of the colors used to create them!


I remember the first time I fell in love with creating abstract art. It was a multi-layered love for me. First, it was the process that got me hooked. When creating abstract work, I could let myself become immersed in the process of creating. It was (and still is) truly the only thing I could do without thinking about anything else. I was totally in the moment and once I experienced that, I wanted more. After the process came the final product. I fell in love with texture and color and the way the two interacted with each other. I felt that I could say more when I added texture than I could with color alone. Lastly, I fell in love with the way looking at my own work soothed me. When I realized the effect looking at art can have on a person, I wanted to get my work out into the world so that other people could experience that too! The beauty of abstract art is that there is no limit to what the viewer can feel or see when looking at it. The pieces in this collection were created with that in mind.